Will My Business Be Split in My Divorce?

Those business owners who are currently or considering going through the divorce process should keep in mind that Arizona is a community property state, meaning that ownership of the business is considered a shared asset. This leaves it vulnerable to being split alongside other assets in your divorce. Losing part of your ownership isn’t a guarantee, however. For those who are interested in retaining the full Read More

Ensure Your Rights as a Father are Protected by Establishing Paternity

It may seem obvious to you that you’re the father of your child, but to the court of Arizona, it may not be so clear. Before you’re able to argue for your rights as a father in a divorce, you must establish with the court that you are the father of your children; otherwise, you won't have any legal standing. Depending on your circumstances, there are different ways to establish your paternity. How can I Establish Read More

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

Divorces don’t always have to be messy. If you and your partner are amicable in your divorce and can agree to the factors of the process such as the division of property, Arizona has an option available that can make the process significantly easier for both of you, known as the “consent decree”. Before you’re able to get a divorce via the consent decree, there are requirements that you and your partner must be able Read More

What Happens to my Pets in a Divorce?

With so many different things to consider while going through a divorce, one of the primary concerns may be what happens to your furry friends. Because pets are living animals, but also considered property, they can seem to be in a grey area when it comes to possession after a divorce. Thankfully, Arizona has defined rules for how pets are to be handled in divorce proceedings. Community versus separate property The Read More

Why it Matters that Arizona is a Community Property State

With regard to marital property, Arizona is a community property state. Knowing what this means can help you better understand and prepare for the outcome should your marriage or relationship end. In this blog, we’ll explain the legal concept of community property, which assets do and don’t qualify, and how state courts determine property awards. What is Community Property? Under Arizona law, community property is Read More

The Co-Parent’s Guide to Navigating the Holidays

Even in normal circumstances, the holidays are full of stress. Shopping for presents, baking for get-togethers, and worrying about your regular obligations is challenging. The stress and challenges of a normal holiday season are intensified for those navigating the season for the first time as co-parents. Assuming you and your ex put together a parenting plan, the first piece of advice for making it through the Read More

4 Ways Spouses Hide Money During an Arizona Divorce

For a fair divorce settlement or judgment, each spouse deserves an accurate picture of the other spouse’s estate. That includes income, personal assets, and real property. Otherwise, an inadequate amount of spousal maintenance or child support might be ordered. Arizona law requires parties in a divorce case to complete a financial affidavit. This form requires spouses to list just about every financial detail that Read More

Dragging Out a Divorce? Some Attorneys Do, But We Would Never

A fundamental tension exists between family law attorneys and clients: racking up billable hours is relatively easy and advantageous for the attorney, but it’s often not in the client’s best interest. In divorce cases, unnecessarily dragging out the legal process opens the client up to emotional pain—not to mention unnecessary costs. Plenty of attorneys, for all their other merits, don’t admit this simple fact to Read More

4 Considerations For a Military Divorce in Arizona

Spouses who go through a dissolution of marriage (divorce) are generally subject to the same laws regardless of either spouse’s veteran status. Each parent is entitled to fair and reasonable parenting time (physical custody), legal decision-making (legal custody), spousal maintenance (alimony), and property division. As long as at least one spouse has been domiciled in Arizona for 90 days, they may file for a Read More

Want to Modify Your Parenting Plan in Arizona? You Probably Need a Substantial Change in Circumstances

Even the most thorough and well-thought-out divorce decrees, including those that address parenting time and decision-making, sometimes need updating. Our lives and our kids’ lives change—sometimes dramatically. When this happens, co-parents often need to petition the Superior Court of Arizona to modify the parenting plan. The court will not typically grant a modification simply because one spouse wants an order Read More