Regaining Custody of a Child in Arizona

For many parents in Arizona who have separated, the custody of children is a central concern. One of the most difficult situations that parents experience following a divorce is losing custody of their child. There are a number of reasons why parents in Arizona lose custody of their children, including criminal convictions, drug issues, and unhealthy living environments. In some cases, with the correct approach Read More

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Divorce

Just like it is a wise idea to ask a number of question before entering into a marriage, it is also a wise idea to ask questions before engaging in a divorce. One of the most common mistakes that people make when preparing for divorce is failing to ask themselves some of the most important questions about the process. If you do decide to divorce your spouse, obtain the assistance of an experienced accident attorney Read More

Arizona Supreme Court Severs Parental Rights in Unusual Case

Many people think of parental rights as absolute things that can not be taken away, but this is not true in a number of circumstances. Recently, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the state is empowered to take away parental rights if a parent is unable to leave an abusive relationship on the basis that doing so was in the best interests of the involved children. This ruling is worth examining because it will Read More