Child Support & Custody

Preserving Your Children’s Future Wellbeing

Your greatest considerations during your divorce are your minor children and their well-being. Monthly child support payments are key to their development and overall financial security, but child support is often a contentious issue in Arizona divorces.

Child support is money sent by the non-custodial parent to care for their child’s needs. Parents will need to pay child support until the child turns 18, graduates high school, or turns 19 while still attending high school.

How is Child Support Decided in Arizona?

The state has child support guidelines on the books, which are important in determining the appropriate amount non-custodial parents should pay post-divorce. Legal personnel uses the state Child Support Calculator to come up with proper figures. Unless there is a good reason to deviate from the guidelines, non-custodial parents should generally expect to pay the amount figured by the calculations. Of course, parents may agree on an appropriate amount of child support without getting the courts involved.

Each spouse’s income is an important factor when calculating child support in Arizona. In fact, the state guidelines follow the Income Shares Model, which is based on the amount that parents would spend on their minor children if they were still married. The way Arizona courts calculate each parent’s income for the purpose of establishing a child support order is fairly complex and involves numerous factors. Essentially, though, each parent must pay a proportionate share of his or her income to support their children.

Can You Change a Child Support or Custody Order? 

Yes, you are permitted to modify an existing child support order, provided certain conditions are met. A modification is much easier and simpler when both parents agree to the change. If there is a disagreement, though, you may petition the court. Learn more about child custody modification and enforcement here

Your Child Deserves a Fair Amount of Child Support 

Generally, child support is the most important post-divorce court-ordered expense, and for good reason. Children deserve to be appropriately supported, and we can help ensure your child gets what’s fair. Get in touch with a law firm that cares about you and your family and who will be a fierce advocate for your interests during your child custody battle.